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    anti-mosquito sambrani dhoop sticks mosquito repellent

    Anti-mosquito Pack (80 pcs)

    After extensive research our team has developed a high quality 100% natural dhoop incense that effectively repels mosquitoes, has a pleasant scent and is safe to use.

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    Devotion Combo (80 pcs)

    Fragrance has a big influence on the human mind, it can help increase focus, inspire devotion or initiate surrender. After extensive research our team has developed high quality n...

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    Organic Kumkum

    Organic Kumkum (20 g)

    Kumkum, symbolic of the divine energy or Shakti, is a traditional product used for thousands of years with many spiritual and medicinal benefits. It is said to en...

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    Relaxation (16 pcs)

    This 100% natural incense blend is designed to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere ideal for going to bed, to unwind, or to just relax in the evening. At the same time it al...

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    Pooja Floral (16 pcs)

    This sambrani blend is designed to create an energizing, joyful and devotional atmosphere. Its flowery resinous fragrance helps create the right balance between action and surrend...

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    Good Life Combo- Devine Incense Sticks- Organic Agarbatti- PremaNature

    Good Life COMBO

    Use our Good Life combo pack throughout the day and enhance the quality of your life. Relax more intense, meditate deeper, receive divine inspiration and walk the path of life with joy an...

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    Spiritual Sage Incense Sticks PremaNature

    Spiritual Sage

    Spiritual Sage contains frankincense essential oil along with other resins and herbs to recreate an ancient old fragrance popular in cultures throughout history. It instills a sen...

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    Citrus Love

    Citrus Love contains lemongrass, known for its mood-uplifting properties, anxiety relief and mosquito repellent effect. It is used along with other supporting essential oils, resins and h...

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