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Organic Vibhuti UNSCENTED (250 g)


Vibhuti is a traditional product and has proven its value for thousands of years. It can be applied to the forehead, the place of the heart or any other place on the body. It is believed to calm the mind and help solve problems and difficulties. It is also said that, when applied, it has the power to protect against negative influences, planetary or other. Keeping vibhuti in the house repels negativity and invites goodness.

Regular vibhuti often contains artificially added calcium oxide and other harmful chemicals that can cause skin diseases. Our 100% natural vibhuti is made from cow dung that is collected from healthy, well cared for cows and then burned to ash on a monthly Shivaratri.

Natural Organic Vibhuti UNSCENTED (250g packet):

HIGH QUALITY, VEDIC & NATURAL: 100% natural vibhuti from pure cow dung made following traditional Vedic procedures

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE: Healthy, calming and soothing for body and mind. Scan the QR code on the pack to intensify your experience further

GOOD VIBRATIONS: We make vibhuti only on monthly Shivaratris which infuses it with spiritual vibrations

CHARITY: From each packet you buy, a portion of the profit is given to charity. Visit our website for a list of projects and reports.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 4 cm


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