Organic Amber Deluxe (15 g)

Amber Deluxe contains sandalwood and the popular and very exclusive halmaddi resin extracted from the Ailanthus triphysa tree, along with other supporting essential oils, resins and herbs. The combination is a very inspiring sweet-woody fragrance ideal for contemplation or meditation. The mix of pure charcoal with fragrant substances produces a very pure and soul-touching experience.


– High-energy, made with theertham (consecrated water)
– Entirely natural:
Made with essential oils, herbs, resins, wood powders
and high-grade charcoal powder for a clean burn
– DPG oil free
– Low smoke and soothing, ideal for indoors
– Hand rolled, made by women


Quantity: 12 sticks
Also included: Wish Paper and inspiring quote sticker
Burning time: 45 to 55 minutes
Sawdust, high-grade purified charcoal, tree resins, essential oils and theertham
Scent: Woody and sweet; lingers on for 2 hours
Benefits: Can inspire the mind and enhance your meditation; raises the vibration of the room
Stick length: 20.3 cm / 8 inch

NOTE ABOUT CHARCOAL IN INCENSE: The use of charcoal in incense has been often advertised as polluting and bad for health by manufacturer of natural incense. Yet, the use of pure charcoal produces a much cleaner burn than that of wood dust or other organic material as it has already passed the phase of pyrolysis (carbonization). Charcoal is thus used in toothpaste or even as an antidote for poisoning. Wood dust has yet to pass carbonization which causes it to produce volatile gases, tars and acidic liquids while being burned. The burning of wood dust will thus dilute or change the characteristic of the fragrant substances contained in the incense. Some incense manufacturers use charcoal and mix it with chemical burning enhancers containing sulfur or nitrogen which probably gave charcoal it’s bad name, yet for people who use incense indoors and are concerned about the effect of incense smoke on their health, pure charcoal is the best choice. It reflects the fragrance of the essential oils, resins and herbs in the most authentic way.  

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